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Andrea Mangano

Wedding and portrait photographer

I’m a wedding photographer since 6 years, born and raised in a beautiful island, Sicily, destination of many historical writers from all over the world.

Like almost every Sicilian people I’m friendly, handy and sometimes funny!

I think to be a wedding photographer it isn’t just about cameras, settings, equipment, techniques.
It’s about people, love, relationships, feelings, hugs, kisses, laughs, smiles, emotions.

That’s why I’m passionate about wedding photography. I think I can be the person who can help you taking care of your memories.
I usually do it very discreetly when it needs to be, but I like to be friendly during the wedding party, like if I was one of your guests.

It’s not just the single picture, it’s about the story. I really like to create photographs which are authentic, which talks about yourself and the people you care of most.

We have so much things to tell during the wedding day: the light, smell of the country and flowers, beautiful landscapes countryside and inside our baroque cities, colors, friends, parents, jokes, and so much more!

Being your wedding photographer it’s not just hiring a professional: I’d like to be your friend, to be able to tell about life, your life, in the most authentic way, even when a tear falls down on your cheek, after saying “I do”!

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