Common questions about the wedding day from the photographer perspective

Before the wedding

Who will be the photographer?

I will be the only one who will shoot at your wedding. I strongly believe that if a couple chooses me, it is me they are expecting on their wedding day. My motto is: one wedding a day. I will be accompanied by an assistant who will oversee logistics and cameras, making sure that I will be fully concentrate on the wedding couple.

If the situation requires more people, I will ask to other colleagues to work for me.

My style

My style is who I am. A picture is an authentic memory that you will preserve your entire life. A smile, a hug, a glance, a simple gesture: as simple as they can be, these things represent who you are.

My style is the storytelling.

The wedding day is about you, your families and your friends. I will be there to catch the real moments. I will be discreet, and you will not notice me. There are no poses, my couples are themselves in each picture.

As the wedding is the result of a long period of planning I love taking pictures of details, locations and flowers.
What I want is for my couples to enjoy their wedding day without worrying about me and my work.

Do you work for more than one wedding per day?

Absolutely not. I work for one wedding and one couple per day.

Do you work only in Sicily?

Mostly I work in Sicily because a lot of people like this baroque island and dream about a different wedding with a peculiar location, but I am happy to work outside Sicily. Of course, there will be a different price but we will talk about that to reach the perfect deal.

Before the wedding I like to visit the places where I want to take the couple for their shooting. I like to be prepared so I must plan every wedding almost two months before.

When your work starts and ends?

My work starts weeks before the wedding. I plan everything, I visit the different locations of the wedding day.

The day of the wedding my work starts at the groom’s. and ends when you cut the wedding cake. I like to take pictures of the groom and the bride with their families and friends, when they are getting ready and when they are ready I like to take a few moments for natural and elegant portraits of the groom and the bride alone.

Of course, it is possible to choose a more simple and brief shooting, we just need to talk about it.

Will we sign a contract?

Yes, you will. Every word and conversation and agreement that concern your wedding day will be written in contract that you and I will sign. If it is impossible for you to come and sign it, we will manage everything via email.

When you will confirm me as you wedding photographer I will ask you to make a deposit. There will be an invoice for each deposit.

How we keep in touch or see your works if we are not close to your studio?

For those couples who are not nearby, we can communicate via email or skype or messenger. I like to know my couples before the wedding, so I can create a wedding reportage that fits you perfectly.

What if we can come to your studio?

If a couple can come to my studio to see my works, well, things are more manageable.

I like to talk in person with my clients, but I know that is not always possible. Anyway, we will have a conversation first about you: who you are, your hobbies, your story, how are you planning your big day, your hobbies and what kind of photographer you are looking for.

It is not always easy know what you want, and I am here to help you discover what’s best for both of us.

If I am the photographer you are looking for, we will plan your day together because is always important to have a schedule to follow in a day so full of emotions.

If I am not the photographer you are looking for, well, I will help you find what you are looking for, suggesting other colleagues.

The wedding day

What about the time table for the wedding day?

I like to be prepared for every possible scenario, but if everything goes as planned, I usually take about 90 minutes for the groom and the bride getting ready; at least 60 minutes for the couple shooting and the rest for the venue. I usually finish my work one hour after the cut of the wedding cake, but If you want some more pictures, there is no problem, I can stay for another 30 minutes or so. Extra hours have a cost and we can talk about it before signing the contract.

Can you sum up how you work?

I am a wedding photographer who works with a photojournalism style. There will be no poses because I want you to enjoy every moment of your day. I do not use flash; every picture will be taken with natural light. Every picture is a raw format. After the wedding I post produce all the images I have selected as the best ones. Once my work is done, I will give you a pdf (your album) and a link to your gallery where you can find all the pictures I have taken during your day. We can make adjustment together: replace some pictures or add new ones. After that, we will talk about colours and materials of your album. When you are ready I send the file of your album to graphistudio to be printed. Once the album is finished and printed, I will give you all the pictures of your wedding in high resolution. Those photos are yours and you can print them everywhere.

After the wedding day

When we will have our wedding album ready?

Each wedding shooting and album is ready after 180 days since the wedding day, but it depends on your availability and on the period of the year. The wedding season is one of the craziest period of the year, so it may be a little bit of delay for the delivery.

If you choose the digital shooting, with no album, everything will be ready after 90 days.

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