Photographer's style

Simplicity, elegance, authenticity

Creating images with a natural style, thanks to wedding reportage, which storytells your wedding day

I’ve to tell you the truth: I love to tell a story. The story which happens during your wedding. Storytelling it’s the heart of my photography style.
You’re unique. This unicity will transpire through my pictures.
And finally discover that photograph of yourself, in your essence in the most important moments, with the people who matter to you more than anyone else.

Attention to people who you love and to details

So much beautiful details and so few time to apreciate them. A picture will make them lasts forever.

I love details. I always look around during the wedding day, looking for true smiles, joy, hugs, colors, true feelings.
All of this happens with discretion, you will not notice my presence.
The essence of a invidual it’s right there, in that brief and fleeting moment, which the photographer frames with his eye and captures with his will.

Made in Italy albums

Delivering the best wedding storytelling on Made in Italy quality albums

A picture can’t sit on your computer and be lost in time. Most important, a photo to exist has to be printed. Otherwise a digital photo it’s just a sequence of bits.
I’ve chosen the best albums to keep your memories safe, made in Italy, crafted with the precision of modern techniques while not forgetting handcrafting¬† of an artisan and modern trends.
Beautiful boxes, amazing materials which, with their texture and touch’n’feel, with the attention to design, will be the best album you can have.

Documentary, artistic and lifestyle

A unique mix of style which listen to the modern trends of visual communication and suits the client's tastes

Every person is different. So my photography style adapts basing on your tastes, needs and personality.
This leads to a unique photography for every couple but will always reflect my idea of wedding photography.