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Giacomo & Veronica: where everything begins

“I am thinking about Giacomo, I am thinking about us”
This sentence perfectly describes Giacomo and Veronica wedding day. they were the protagonist, the two love birds finally becoming husband and wife. When I first met them, I saw how deeply in love they where even if they have been a couple for less than a year. They planned everything together, hoping that their wedding day could be perfect. Indeed, it was.
Giacomo was a little tense when I arrived at his home. His family was there, they were happy and relaxed. The groom was anxious to see the bride and he was wondering how she was. They separated the night before the wedding, after the traditional serenade. Giacomo was getting more and more curious to see his beautiful Veronica.

Veronica had a smile for everyone, shining in her bride aura. Her first words were “How is Giacomo? Is he okay? He’s keeping together?”. You could actually smell love in the air. Family and friends were there, with her. How cheerful they were. Veronica couldn’t stop smile. She was surrounded by the most important people of her life. A special mention goes to her dog, Lilly, actually their dog, Giacomo and Veronica’s, who made a very elegant appearance to greet Veronica. In a house full of people, well, it was her time to shine too.

The ceremony was a lovely one, and Giacomo struggle a bit to keep tears from falling down his check. After we went to a couple of location, and they had a lot to say to each other, almost one day apart was too much for them.

The reception was fun, I laughed a lot. Jokes and dances, what else? The two love birds had the best day ever, as they wanted. I am so happy for them.

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Atelier: Progetto Sposa
Ceremony: Chiesa Madonna delle Grazie, Vittoria
Venue: Casale de Consoli, Mazzarrone, Catania

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